Princeton, NJ 08540    

Princeton, New Jersey Home Values and Comparables

Princeton is located in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States. Princeton University has been sited in the town since 1756. Although this qualifies Princeton as a "college town", there are so many other important facilities in the vicinity that the town's character and economic basis are far more complicated. These institutions and companies include: the Institute for Advanced Study, Educational Testing Service (ETS), Opinion Research Corporation, Sarnoff Corporation, FMC Corporation, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton Theological Seminary, Westminster Choir College, and Dow Jones & Company. Another factor contributing to the town's independent character is its equidistant location from both Philadelphia and New York. Since the turn of the last century, rail service and major highways to these cities have made the town a bedroom community to both of them. Broadcast media from both cities have been received in Princeton since their inception.

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